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The Clever Cutting Method That Will Prevent Cake From Drying Out
Homemade cakes that are too dry are a common problem, but even a perfectly moist cake can dry out if it's not cut and stored properly. A cake can either retain its moisture very well or not well at all, depending on how you serve it and store the leftovers; luckily, we know one of the most clever ways to ensure that a cut cake doesn't dry out.
Retailer Williams Sonoma posted an Instagram tutorial of a creative cake-cutting strategy, in which a layer cake is cut right down the middle, then into thinner vertical strips, the way you would slice a loaf of bread. These "strips" are then laid down on a cutting board and sliced into individual, square-shaped servings.
When you cut cake into strips, starting from the middle, you can actually "seal" the leftover cake by pushing the remaining halves together until they're touching, protecting the inside of the cake from exposure to air. If you still want your cake in traditional wedges, try covering the exposed inside of the cake with parchment after cutting.