A bottle of red wine and a soft cheese wedge with a zodiac wheel background
The Classic Wine And Cheese Pairing You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign
These signs are notoriously competitive people, which is why, if they were a wine, they'd be the most popular across the world: Cabernet sauvignon.
This wine's long finish is complemented best by a complex cheese like an aged cheddar, whose big and bold flavor can stand up to that of the cabernet.
If the Taurus were any type of wine, it would be as luxurious, indulgent, and smooth as they are, which is why they would undoubtedly be a merlot.
With its seductive, dark fruit flavors, merlot is best suited for a cheese that complements its smoothness, such as sweet and soft Havarti.
Cancers tend to be self-protective for fear of having their kindness taken for weakness, which can also be said about the pairing of Moscato d'Asti and blue cambozola.
Just like Cancers, Moscato d'Asti is spritzy and sweet. In moscato's case, the bolder and funkier tasting the cheese, the better, which is why blue cambozola cheese is perfect.
Geminis are said to be the communicators of the zodiac and would be a wine that's as bubbly as they are, making their classic pairing Prosecco and parmesan.
The sharp saltiness cuts through the sweetness of Prosecco perfectly, offering Geminis a contrast between the bits of gossip they'll be getting and (no doubt spreading) later.
If warm, sunny Leos were a wine, they'd be one that is conscious of summertime, and nothing says you're living your best life like a glass of Provence rosé by the pool.
The light, crispy flavor of a rose from Provence compares and contrasts beautifully with a smooth, creamy goat cheese.