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The Classic Party Snack Ina Garten Approves Of For Dinner
When hors d’oeuvres are served at parties, everyone has a favorite they naturally gravitate to, but perhaps the most universally appealing are pigs in a blanket. With a combination of savory protein and flaky crust, pigs in a blanket can be endlessly modified for any taste preference, and Ina Garten even approves of them for dinner.
Pigs in a blanket are already fairly substantial as an appetizer, so it doesn’t take much to turn them into a meal. Garten took to Instagram to share her twist on the time-honored appetizer, sharing that you can turn regular hot dogs into king-sized pigs in a blanket by simply wrapping them in puffed pastry.
The full recipe is featured on Garten's website and includes just a few additional ingredients, including Dijon mustard, an egg, a tablespoon of water, sea salt, and ground black pepper. Garten served hers with a simple side salad, but you can upgrade the meal with a homemade spicy mayo or honey mustard.