A pot roast dinner in a pot.
The Classic Ingredients You'll See In Yankee Pot Roast
A Yankee pot roast has a fairly traditional list of ingredients, but the most unique additions are a bevy of hearty root vegetables that get cooked alongside the beef.
Carrots, onions, celery, parsnips, and turnips bring their inherent sweetness to the pot, but don't feel boxed in. You can also add rutabaga, radishes, or celery root.
The chuck roast is also generally floured, in addition to the traditional salt and pepper seasoning. This will create a deeper, nuttier crust when it is seared before the braise.
Additionally, the flour encourages the liquid used to braise the meat to thicken and start the process of turning into a robust gravy.
Tomato paste is added after the searing process when initial aromatics, like mirepoix, are being sautéed in the vessel.
The vegetables and tomato paste brown and help lift fond from the bottom. The beef stock is added to further deglaze and form the base of the braise.
Finally, additional aromatics can be added at the discretion of the chef. Garlic, minced, sliced, or even left whole, can be mixed with herbs, like sprigs of rosemary or thyme.