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The Cilantro Substitute Ina Garten Uses In Chili
Cilantro can be divisive, and although the tricky herb makes appearances in many different cuisines worldwide, some chefs take steps to avoid it in their recipes. Julia Child was famously anti-cilantro, and Ina Garten dislikes the herb as well, instead finding creative substitutes to use in her recipes, like her delicious chili.
Garten uses chopped basil as a stand-in for cilantro, as the two herbs both have a bright herby flavor that perfectly compliments dishes without overpowering them. Other substitutes include tarragon or fennel, which can be strong and might overpower your dish, or alternatively, you can try parsley or dill.
However, there’s truly nothing like cilantro, and for those that aren’t fans, you can train yourself to tolerate or even enjoy it. Each time you taste cilantro, you re-shape the memory of it in your mind. It’s best to start by incorporating it into dishes you already love, or try crushed cilantro, as crushing it can reduce its intense flavor.