Plate of tempura shrimp
The Chopstick Test To Get Tempura Batter Correct Every Single Time
Achieving perfect tempura batter is crucial for light and crispy results. Beyond getting the right ingredients, using chopsticks can prevent the tempura from being too oily.
When you hold the battered food under the hot oil using chopsticks, vibrations will travel up the chopsticks and into your hand, signaling whether the food is done or not.
As the oil bubbles and produces vibrations, pay attention to how they feel. If you feel stronger vibrations, there's still moisture in the food and it's not fully fried yet.
When these vibrations become more subtle and less detectable, it's a sign that the tempura is cooked through without being overdone, with a light and crispy batter shell.
Also, because you don't let go of the food and hold it with chopsticks the whole time, you can remove it from the oil instantly so excess grease can drain off right away.