Chef David Chang smiling at an event.
The Chicken Recipe David Chang Will Never Get Tired Of Making
Chef David Chang is known for ramen, pork buns, and other Asian-style fare, but he calls a dish known as Family Meal Chicken "the meal that I've eaten the most times in my life."
A "family meal" is a meal shared by restaurant staff when patrons aren't present, and as the name of these meals implies, the tradition fosters a sense of community.
To make Family Meal Chicken that's easy and tasty enough for harried restaurant chefs, start by positioning a wire rack over a sheet pan, then chop a whole chicken into quarters.
Season with salt and pepper, put the chicken on the rack, and bake for 30 to 40 minutes. You can minimize prep time by buying two to three pounds of pre-cut chicken pieces.
Chang says, "By the time it gets brown and crispy on the outside, the insides are juicy and cooked, too [...] The wire rack is key, as it allows for even heat circulation.”
You can cook the side dishes for the chicken by placing veggies or other ingredients on the sheet pan under the wire rack, where they'll absorb the flavorful chicken drippings.