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The Cheesy Tip That Makes The Crunchiest Nachos Every Time
Nachos are an easily customizable appetizer that’s perfect for sharing with a group, and while the topping possibilities are endless, loading chips up too much can make them mushy. If you want to ensure that your nachos come out of the oven with maximum crunchiness, you need to use this technique to apply the cheese.
The first step to making great nachos is to spread the chips into a single layer on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet, then top them with grated or crumbled cheese and warm them up. Adding and melting the cheese before any other toppings creates a barrier that protects the crispness of the chips, minimizing sogginess.
Also, keep your nachos in a single layer, because the cheese may not melt sufficiently if the chips overlap and the chips on the bottom can become mushy — if you want a lot of nachos, just make multiple batches. When piling on meats and sauces, you should also make sure to drain any extra liquid that could lead to sogginess.