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The Cheesy Ingredient To Try On Twice-Baked Potatoes
Given their versatility, affordability, and deliciousness, it’s no surprise that potatoes are the most widely-produced vegetable in the United States. Of all the different ways to cook up your potatoes, one of the most delicious is the twice-baked potato, a more involved but more flavorful spin on the classic baked potato.
A great ingredient to make twice-baked potatoes more cheesy and creamy is mascarpone, an Italian cheese that is similar to cream cheese, but a bit sweeter and tangier. Mascarpone is also light in texture, meaning it's easy to mix into your filling and won't weigh down an already-heavy potato dish, while still adding richness.
Food Network star Ree Drummond's twice-baked potato recipe involves baking potatoes, cutting them in half, and scraping out their centers to place in a mixing bowl with your flavorings. Combine the filling well before stuffing the mixture back into the potato "shells" to bake again until they're nice and warm.