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The Case For Using Rum In Your Next Espresso Martini
An espresso martini is typically made with espresso, vodka, coffee liquor, simple syrup, and occasionally a coffee bean garnish. While adding complexity to an espresso martini is easy if you use quality espresso, swapping out the vodka for rum can also make it more well-rounded and even add a hint of vanilla to your drink.
Camila Chaparro, developer of America's Test Kitchen's recipe for a rum espresso martini, says that "Aged rum has a lot more going on in terms of flavor — caramel, molasses notes — than vodka, which is flavorless and doesn't bring too much to a drink other than alcohol." 2023 may even bring a rise in popularity for this variation.
If you prefer softer flavors in your drinks, you can also add some cream to balance out your espresso martini, just like you would with coffee. Whether you choose vodka or rum, you can even turn your espresso martini into an elevated dessert with an affogato martini recipe, which adds a scoop of vanilla gelato or ice cream.