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The Case For Scooping The Crema Out Of Your Espresso
Espresso is a concentrated coffee drink known for its potent caffeine punch and strong acidity, sweetness, and bitterness, but it's also characterized by the crema floating on top. A mixture of fats, oils, and CO2 in the form of a thin layer of foam, crema is a big plus to some espresso fans, but you may want to consider trying a cup without it.
Due to its high concentration of CO2, crema has a distinct dry and bitter flavor that can sometimes overwhelm the identity of a high-quality espresso. If you find espresso overly bitter at the start and enjoy it the most when it's halfway gone, try scooping out some or all of the crema for a more balanced drinking experience.
Even though crema certainly makes a drink look appealing, it's a total myth that a robust layer of foam means a cup of espresso or other coffee drink is guaranteed to be good, while a lack of crema is a bad sign. Lovers of espresso should try scooping out some of their foam and see if they enjoy a less bitter, more consistent drink.