Fried eggs with green chives in a small pan on dark wooden background
The Case For Pairing Fried Eggs With Home Fries Instead Of Hash Browns
Hash brown and home fries are both popular breakfast sides, but out of the two, home fries are the only ones that should be paired with fried eggs because of their starch content.
Home fries are thick cuts of potato that are cooked until tender and fried for a golden, crispy outside. Unlike hash browns, they have distinct shapes and a soft, chewy interior.
Designed for maximum crunch, hash browns have a crispy crust that doesn’t absorb the yolk. Home fries provide the perfect amount of starch to absorb that rich, runny yolk.
While it really comes down to personal preference, crunchy and starchy home fries combine perfectly with runny egg yolk to provide a flavorful bite that can’t be beaten.