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The Carb Swap Ina Garten Uses To Improve Beef Bourguignon
Ina Garten has a deep admiration for Julia Child, so it makes sense that she made Child’s beef bourguignon in 2021 to mark the release of her friends' documentary, “Julia,” but with a few changes. The French dish is a slow-cooked beef stew that uses red wine sauce as its base and is served with mashed potatoes or noodles.
Garten’s version of beef bourguignon doesn’t take the four hours Child’s recipe takes, and she believes the carb swap she’s made works better with the dish. Garten swaps the traditional mashed potatoes for grilled country white bread rubbed with garlic that she places in the bowl before pouring the stew over to soak up the broth.
The Barefoot Contessa and her assistant experimented with various ingredients until they decided upon toasted bread as the most flavorful. Actress Jennifer Garner is also a huge fan of the dish, saying, “the grilled bread dipped in the stew is worth every bite [...] and gives everyone the feeling of luxury and time and depth of flavor.”