Tuna melt sandwiches on a table
The Canned Tuna Tip That Guarantees A Crispy Melt Every Time
When making a tuna melt at home, canned tuna that isn't properly drained can lead to a sad and soggy sandwich. To avoid this, remove as much water from the tuna as possible.
To do so, put a fine mesh strainer over a small bowl. Open up your tuna can, dump the contents into the strainer, and use your hands or a paper towel to squeeze out the moisture.
You can also do this using the tuna can itself. Open it three-quarters of the way, hold it upside down, and squeeze the lid down to press out the liquid.
To further ensure a crispy tuna melt, opt for tuna packed in water rather than oil, as oil-packed tuna is more saturated with moisture and is harder to dry out.