Canned tomatoes in a clear bowl
The Canned Tomatoes Giada De Laurentiis Uses All The Time
Giada de Laurentiis is known for her fresh take on homestyle Italian cooking. She loves to use canned tomatoes, which are convenient and can be just as good as fresh.
De Laurentiis specifically loves canned cherry tomatoes for their flavor and how easy they are to cook with. In a video, she says they make a "very sweet, delicious tomato sauce."
Cherry tomatoes, also called pomodorini, are naturally much sweeter than other breeds of more acidic tomatoes, which makes them great for sweeter and fresher-tasting pasta dishes.
De Laurentis has a few different brands she favors for canned cherry tomatoes: Corbari tomatoes from I Sapori Di Corbara, and Mutti, a more common supermarket brand.
Cherry tomatoes are great in simple dishes like pasta, chicken, fish, or even potatoes and rice. They will add a sweeter and stronger flavor than most fresh tomatoes.