The Canned Tomato Tip That Will Take Your Flavor Up A Notch
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If you love to cook, chances are you're a fan of canned tomatoes. Bon Appétit argues that canned tomatoes are always going to taste better than fresh ones in cooked dishes, since they're picked at the height of their ripeness, preserved with a little salt, and peeled, which makes for a better texture.
One secret to getting the most out of canned tomatoes is to not toss out the liquid they come in. Southern Living refers to the leftover juice as "liquid gold," and recommends saving it for use in the other recipes you'll cook throughout the week, or freezing it in an ice cube tray and using the cubes in your future cooking.
Southern Living suggests using it in thin soups and stews in order to infuse them with tomato flavor. TreeHugger, meanwhile, recommends using canned tomato juice to make Spanish or Mexican-style rice. All in all, this handy, versatile ingredient is something that you won’t want to throw away ever again.