Sweet Potatoe Souffle in a black bowl
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The Canned Substitute For A Quick Sweet Potato Soufflé
Sweet potato soufflé is a delicious holiday dish, but the undertaking of peeling, cooking, and mashing a sack of sweet potatoes before you even start on the soufflé can be a real drag on your time spent in the kitchen. Time-starved cooks should look to this canned good that can really cut down on the time spent preparing this dish.
Though sweet potatoes and yams are actually different vegetables, the canned yams you’ll find on your grocery store shelves are, most often, sweet potatoes simply labeled as yams. This means you can use canned yams as a substitute in your sweet potato soufflé recipe and in several other treats as well, including sweet potato pie.
Though this substitute sounds exciting, know that yams canned in syrup add extra sweetness to the potatoes and therefore to your dish, so you should reduce the amount of sugar in your recipe. This way, you can still enjoy the potatoes’ natural sweetness without overwhelming your taste buds with sugar.