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The Canned Shortcut You Should Be Using For Weeknight Soups And Stews
Making dinner on a weeknight can be a hassle if you're craving soups and stews, since some tools, like a slow cooker, can cut down on the effort required, but there's almost always a lot of prep work, like cutting meat and vegetables, that needs to be done. However, using convenient canned ingredients can save you a lot of trouble.
One veggie that requires a lot of TLC before cooking is the potato, and while this tuber is a must-have in many soups and stews, it requires washing, peeling, cutting, and maybe even pre-cooking. Instead of sweating over a pound of potatoes, grab a can of new potatoes and save on time, without skimping on flavor.
Canned new potatoes contain baby potatoes that are tender, small enough to skip the slicing, and sold already cooked. Canned potatoes hold their texture when incorporated into various recipes and are inexpensive with a long shelf life, but they tend to be salty, so remember to adjust your recipe's seasoning accordingly.