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The Canned Seafood You Should Be Adding To Tomato Sauce
Tomato sauce is perhaps the most popular sauce to pair with pasta, and also forms the base of Bolognese, vodka sauce, spicy arrabbiata, and more. In some tomato-based sauces, like puttanesca, seafood is added to pump up the flavor, but to keep things more simple while still adding some salty, savory flair, try using this canned ingredient.
Clams are a key ingredient in pastas like linguine alle vongole (linguini with clams), and while some recipes call for fresh clams, canned clams make for a perfectly fine substitute. Fresh clams are delicious, but can be hard to find, plus shucking them can be a real hassle, putting a big wedge between you and your seafood pasta craving.
With canned clams, all you have to do is open the can, add them to your sauce, and cook for as long as it takes for the flavors to meld; since the canning process cooks the clams, they don't require much time over the heat. Canned clams are also more affordable and are a good source of protein, micronutrients, and healthy omega-3 fatty acids.