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The Canned Ingredient That Will Change Your Marinara Sauce Forever
You may think tomato sauce and marinara sauce are the same thing, but while tomato sauce has a thick consistency, rich flavor, and a long cooking time, marinara sauce is a quick, light sauce made with just tomatoes, olive oil, and seasonings. Marinara sauce has a wonderful freshness, but it can lack the complexity of a tomato sauce.
Since marinara's texture is relatively thin, you can fancy it up a bit by adding tomato filets, which are the inner walls of a tomato without the skin, seeds, or pulp, cut into long strips. These filets are canned in a full-bodied and flavorful tomato puree, which is a great base for your marinara sauce, while the filets themselves add texture.
Canned tomato filets also have a more reliable size and texture than crushed tomatoes, meaning you'll always know what you're getting when you open a can. If you've ever wished your marinara had some qualities of a long-cooked sauce, leave the canned whole and crushed tomatoes on the shelf and try tomato filets.