Kitchen hood and gas stove in a cozy kitchen close-up
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The Candle Trick To Test Your Oven Hood Before Cooking
If you've noticed that smoke, strong aromas, or vapor aren't being absorbed by your kitchen hood, there's a simple and straightforward way to test whether or not it's working.
Use a lit candle to test your hood and the smoke will let you see how air flows when the hood is turned on. Start by lighting the wick and letting the candle burn for a bit.
Next, blow out the candle and hold it six inches below the hood, turn on the hood's fan, and watch the smoke to see if it gets pulled toward the hood, which means it's working.
If the smoke doesn't move towards the hood, it's not working properly. The hood's suction is what vents smoke and steam out of your kitchen, so get it repaired if it has no pull.