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The Caesar Dressing Shortcut That Happens To Be Vegan
There's something inarguably spectacular about the simplicity of a Caesar salad — that is, unless you’re vegan. Besides a topping of parmesan cheese, the dressing contains anchovies and egg whites, making it an obvious pass, and alternatives usually involve a long and tedious process — except for this one, plant-based ingredient.
Hummus, a common vegan fridge staple, is a protein-packed plant-based food that’s typically served with warm pita bread and crispy falafel. However, when used as a substitute for mayonnaise in your dressing, it makes the perfect shortcut to a creamy vegan Caesar dressing in less than five minutes.
Grab a container of plain hummus and stir half a cup in with all the other ingredients; if your recipe calls for Worcestershire sauce, you can swap it for a vegan version, and capers replace anchovies nicely. Other vegan additions could include extra lemon zest, pepperoncini, or a dash of crushed red pepper flakes.