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The Buttercream Coloring Hack That Will Cut Down On Cleanup
Buttercream is a popular choice for decorative frosting because it’s delicious, simple to make, and can also be used to coat whole cakes or cookies in addition to piping fine details. However, adding food coloring to frosting can be a messy affair involving one or more mixing bowls for every color you need; this is how to avoid all that fuss.
If you need many colors of buttercream, try using the same bowl for every color — all you have to do is color each batch of frosting in the right order, so the bits of leftover frosting from the last color you mixed won't tint the color that comes after. Instagram baker G Baby Cakes starts with adding yellow, the lightest color, to plain frosting in a bowl.
After mixing up the yellow buttercream, remove it from the bowl, add more plain frosting, and repeat the steps in this color order: orange, red, green, blue, and lastly, purple. G Baby Cakes uses this technique to make all the colors of the rainbow, but so long as you follow the right order, you can just mix up the colors of frosting you need personally.