Stock photo showing close-up view of a chocolate sponge cake being made.
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The Butter Trick To Help You Prevent Cake From Sticking To The Pan
Attempting to make a perfect sponge cake at home is hard work, and the process of removing it from the pan can ruin the appearance and integrity of the delicate cake if it sticks to the metal. Luckily, you can use butter and a little elbow grease to prepare your cake pan and guarantee a smooth and easy release.
The first step for preparing your cake pan is to melt the butter and grease the pan as you normally would, making sure to get into all the edges and corners. Next, put your greased pan in the freezer or refrigerator for a short time so that the butter solidifies and hardens into a protective layer on your pan.
Compared to room temperature or warm butter, cold butter is more likely to remain in a solid state at the start of baking, which can create an effective barrier and help to prevent the cake from sticking even as the butter melts. Additionally, cold butter is less likely to leave behind excess grease in the pan.