Key lime pie on a blue plate with fork and lime garnish
The Butter Switch For A More Fruity Pie Crust
Replace the butter in your pie dough with fruit spread to add moisture and infuse the crust with fruity flavors. It delivers a crust that’s crisp, subtly sweet, and flavorful.
To swap in fruit spread, add just enough to the dry ingredients so that the mixture forms a crumbly dough. Depending on the recipe, this should be around 1 tablespoon.
Using fruit spreads creates endless combinations of flavors, such as strawberry spread with rhubarb pie, apricot with peach, raspberry with lemon, and apple with cranberries.
Be sure to go for spreads that have little to no pieces of real fruit to evenly combine the dough. Feel free to experiment with lots of different combos to find the perfect taste.