Chocolate bundt cake with icing on white plate outside
The Butter Substitute To Grease A Bundt Pan If Your Cakes Stick
Bundt cakes get ruined if they stick to the pan, so you should grease your pan with fat before baking. If you don’t have or can't eat butter, shortening is a great alternative.
Shortening is a solid fat that prevents cakes from sticking to the pan, much like butter. It has a high smoke point, so it won’t burn (or burn the cake) at high temperatures.
To make your Bundt pan nonstick, melt the shortening and use a pastry brush to apply it all over the inside of the pan. A folded paper towel dipped in the shortening works, too.
Next, sprinkle a little flour into the pan, lift it up on its side, and turn it slowly so the flour evenly coats the surface. Flip the pan over the sink to remove extra flour to finish.
Shortening can be an even better option than butter because of its higher smoke point, and there are tons of vegan, vegetable-based shortenings on the market.