Burgers being grilled on the barbecue
The Broth Cube Hack To Get Juicy Burgers On The Grill
If you want juicy burgers without having to worry about moisture loss, lifestyle blogger @virginiahlane on Instagram shared how savory ice cubes can help keep burgers juicy.
Combine A1 Steak Sauce with a bit of beef broth, pour the mixture into ice cube trays, and freeze. When making a patty, hide a cube in the center, season it, and it's ready to grill.
The ice cube made with the broth and the A1 sauce will melt as the burger cooks, adding flavor and moisture, and will keep the meat from drying out prematurely.
"MasterChef" judge Graham Elliot suggests that a plain ice cube will also do the trick if you don't want the taste of A1 sauce or broth infused in your burger.
Elliot also recommends resting your burgers before serving, allowing the meat juices to redistribute and the burger to soak up any residual moisture.