pod in open black Keurig machine
The Brilliant K-Cup Hack For Stronger Brewed Coffee
My K-cup is a multi-piece Keurig accessory with a reusable filter you can fill with your favorite ground roast. For a stronger brew, try using it with a recycled plastic K-cup.
Keurig machines perforate K-cups on either end, creating water pressure to infiltrate the grounds, soak up flavor, and slowly flow out for a perfectly intense coffee.
When you use a spent K-cup as an addition to the filter in your My K-cup, it creates more pressure so water flows through the coffee grounds more thoroughly, for a stronger drink.
To try it, remove the grounds and tin foil top from the K-cup and rinse the empty pod. Snip off the top lip of the cup so it fits into the body tube of the My K-cup.
Place the filter inside the pod, fill it with grounds, and start brewing. The small perforation on the pod from the previous brewing cycle controls output pressure.
You'll then have a coffee with the perfect flavor intensity. You can perform this same method with different types of coffee in different amounts to discover your perfect cup.