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The Breakfast Food Your Wallet Will Thank You For Swapping With Cereal
As of November 2022, inflation and the disruption of global supply chains continues to affect the prices of many grocery items, especially breakfast foods. Cereal prices have jumped exponentially, contrary to its reputation as a cheap breakfast staple, but you can keep your wallet in good shape by purchasing this substitute.
A serving of oatmeal costs less than your standard breakfast cereal, and will keep you feeling full for longer, since oats are incredibly nutrient-dense and contain lots of fiber. Oatmeal is also customizable, allowing you to add your own sweeteners and toppings, instead of going with whatever a cereal manufacturer throws into a box.
Some delicious toppings and add-ons you can try include fresh fruit, nuts, and honey, for a sweet and crunchy breakfast similar to cereal, but more wholesome and affordable. You can even add veggies, protein, cheese, and condiments for a delicious savory oatmeal that can scratch your bacon or sausage itch for a much lower price.