Bag of Trader Joe's pistachios and bag of Wonderful pistachios
The Brands Behind Your 13 Favorite Trader Joe's Snacks
Wonderful manufactures three TJ's nut products: dry roasted and unsalted pistachios, dry roasted and salted pistachios, and 50% less salt roasted and salted pistachios.
Stacy's Snacks
When Eater used the USDA's database of products, they found that TJ's pita chips with sea salt contained the same ingredients as Stacy's simply naked pita chips.
However, recent rumors and the discontinuation of several flavors suggest that Stacy's is no longer TJ's pita chip provider. If that's true, the current manufacturer is unknown.
Enjoy Life
Thanks to a 2022 recall, the secret manufacturer behind Trader Joe's snickerdoodle cookies was found to be Enjoy Life Foods, which specializes in allergy-free products.
It appears that Enjoy Life Foods no longer offers its snickerdoodle cookies, so it isn't clear whether it still manufactures them for TJ's.
In a 2017 Reddit thread, an employee anonymously revealed that TJ's sells products manufactured by Stonyfield Farms, though they didn't say which.
This reaffirms what Fortune found back in 2010 when they looked at TJ's business practices, uncovering that Stonyfield Farm manufactures most of their East Coast yogurt products.
Eater claims that the Freedom of Information Act it used in 2017 confirmed that the popular PepsiCo subsidiary Naked Juice was the smoothie provider for TJ's.
When using the USDA database to compare ingredients, several TJ's smoothies were shown to be Naked doppelgangers. Others only had minor distinctions.