A metal box grater on a white background
The Box Grater Tip For Effortlessly Stripping Fresh Herbs
Removing herb leaves from the stems by hand can be tedious. A clever solution using a box grater has spread across TikTok, and could save you serious time in the kitchen.
Thread the stems of herbs like thyme or rosemary through a hole in a box grater from the outside, then pull the stem through from the inside to slough the leaves right off.
You can even thread multiple stems through one hole in the grater, but only strip a couple of stems at a time for best results, with no bitter or chewy stem fragments left in.
For robust herbs like parsley, savory, and rosemary, use a grater with larger holes, while dill or thyme should be able to go through smaller holes.
This trick isn't the best for delicate herbs like basil, which require gentle hand-picking to prevent bruising. Luckily, basil leaves are large and can be removed by hand easily.