Maple bourbon steak tips served on a plate
The Bourbon Sauce For Tangy And Sweet Steak Tips Each Time
In her 30-minute recipe for Maple Bourbon Steak Tips, Tasting Table recipe developer Chanel Murphy-Lowe mixes the meaty flavor of steak with a sweet, tangy bourbon sauce.
Murphy-Lowe balances the sweetness of cooked-down bourbon with pineapple juice for a sharp yet balanced flavor, giving the steak glaze a tropical flair.
To infuse the steak bites with the most flavor, she marinates the meat in the bourbon mixture, then bastes the tips by spooning the marinade over them as they cook.
Basting injects the meat with flavor while reducing the sauce, giving the meat a caramelized texture. A sweeter bourbon complements the other ingredients in the dish.
Bourbons with tasting notes of vanilla or caramel work well. For less sweetness, you can also use a bourbon with notes of spice like clove or pepper, for a strong, warming effect.