Caffè shakerato in a tall glass, in an outdoor italian cafe. Cold shaked coffee with a foam made in a shaker with ice.
The Bourbon Lift Cocktail Is For Coffee Fans Who Love A Foamy Top
If you love bourbon and want a coffee-infused cocktail with a foamy top, the Bourbon Lift is the perfect choice for you. It contains equal amounts of bourbon and coffee liqueur.
Along with the bourbon and coffee, the drink also contains heavy cream, club soda, and orgeat, which is a sweet syrup that consists of almonds, sugar, and some kind of citrus.
The drink is served in a tall Collins glass and has a distinct, foamy top that may even drip out of the glass. This large foam head is from the soda being poured twice at the end.
A typical Bourbon Lift has so much foam that the drink needs to be served with a straw. Otherwise, you'd get nothing but a mouthful of foam if you tried to take a sip.
You can tailor this drink to your liking. If you want a stronger coffee flavor, increase the amount of coffee liqueur and decrease the bourbon by the same amount, or vice versa.