Flight of Scottish whisky, tasting glasses with variety of single malts or blended whiskey spirits on distillery tour in Scotland, UK
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The Bourbon Flight: What It Is And How You Can Order It
Bourbon flights are a great way to sample top-shelf or small-batch bourbons without ordering a full pour.
A “flight” usually consists of three to five varieties in a standard bourbon glass with tapered rims designed to direct the aromas upward, with a one-half-ounce pour in each.
The bourbon is presented neat, which means it’s served at room temperature with no ice or mix, making it easier to compare each sample's characteristics.
Many bars feature pre-determined bourbon flights on the menu, which can often change to introduce new whiskeys or newly released versions of old-time favorites.
Look for note descriptors of the bourbons on the menu, such as oak, vanilla bean, tobacco, toffee, caramel, leather, clove, or peaches, and opt for ones that pique your interest.
Bar flight menus sometimes provide small food samples that complement the bourbon notes intended to enhance the experience.
Tap into the bartender's insight and ask for recommendations. They will know which bourbons pair well with one another and will be able to help create your own bourbon flight.