Milk cocktail topped with ground spces
The Bourbon Cocktail You Should Include For Your Next Brunch Party
Mimosas and Bloody Marys are excellent brunch cocktails, but if you want to go above the usual choices, take a page from New Orleans and serve some bourbon milk punch.
Bourbon milk punch is a cool and creamy drink that’s typically made with bourbon, whole milk, simple syrup, and vanilla extract, garnished with grated nutmeg on top.
This cocktail is a staple of renowned NOLA establishments like Galatoire's, Arnaud's French 75 Bar, and Brennan's, and is served at both brunch and other times throughout the day.
You can easily customize the milk punch to suit you and your guests' tastes. Try adding brandy, rum, or a flavored liqueur like Irish Cream for an extra kick of richness and flavor.
Some recipes use half-and-half or sweet cream instead of or in addition to whole milk, but don’t choose anything lighter than whole milk, since this drink is meant to be rich.
Customizing the simple syrup by using brown sugar, honey, or another sweetener is also an easy way to switch it up, and you can serve it over ice or as a frozen drink as well.
Southern Living recommends making bourbon milk punch in a large batch rather than to order, which is another reason why it's the ideal no-fuss cocktail for your next brunch party.