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The Boozy Way To Add Coffee Flavor To Your Hot Chocolate
Mocha — a mixture of chocolate and coffee — is a popular flavor for desserts, drinks, and more, and it’s no secret why; the rich flavor profiles of coffee and hot cocoa naturally go well together. To take that combination a step further, you might want to try stirring a little coffee liqueur into your next mug of hot cocoa for a cozy, warming drink.
When selecting a coffee liqueur for your mocha hot cocoa, pick one that suits your taste preferences; for example, cold brew coffee liqueur is good for a particularly espresso-rich flavor. For a milder taste, try Kahlúa, a classic that is made from a combination of rum and coffee and has notes of sweet butter and roasted chestnuts.
To add the liquor, make your hot cocoa as you normally would, but don't add the coffee liqueur until you remove the cocoa from the heat; when you heat alcohol, it emits a vapor that can cause dangerously fast intoxication if inhaled. Instead, just stir the liqueur into your warm hot cocoa, using one shot of alcohol per 8-ounce mug.