Martini glass of French 75 cocktail with lemon twist
The Boozy Difference Between French 75 And French 95 Cocktails
Although the French 95 and the French 75 share lemon juice, Champagne, and simple syrup, the French 95 swaps in bourbon or cognac instead of gin, for a new, complex cocktail.
The French 75 first originated in 1915 and has been popular ever since thanks to its sour, tangy, dry flavors that are complemented by the Champagne's fizz.
In contrast, the French 95 originated in the '70s using bourbon or cognac and occasionally a bit more sugar to give it a richer mouthfeel and a robust, spirit-forward flavor.
While the two cocktails are similar, given their overlapping ingredients, the French 75 features gin's herbal, aromatic notes, and the 95 is bolder, sweeter, and slightly smoky.
To distinguish the two, look at the color and garnish. The 75 is lighter, and more yellow with a fresh citrus twist while the 95 is a darker amber with a dried orange slice.