Homemade turkey gravy for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner
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The Boozy Addition That Will Enrich Your Gravy
When preparing holiday feasts for Thanksgiving or Christmas, the humble gravy is usually the last dish to prepare, especially when you need the savory pan drippings from the turkey (or chicken) to make it. Fortunately, The Washington Post offers a way to make a flavorful gravy ahead of time that stars a great boozy ingredient.
The first secret ingredient in this gravy is dry vermouth, a fortified white wine infused with aromatics, which is perfect as a finishing ingredient to add layers of complexity. The Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts recommends starting with small amounts and tasting as you go, so the alcohol doesn't overwhelm your dish.
The second secret ingredient is Wondra Flour, a quick-mixing flour that dissolves seamlessly into sauces for instant thickening; this ingredient is also recommended by chef Bobby Flay in his go-to, make-ahead gravy recipe. After preparing your gravy, just refrigerate it until it's close to dinner time, reheat it on the stove, and serve.