Bombay sandwich next to chips and green chutney
The Bombay Sandwich Is An Adored Street Food Overloaded With Indian Spices
With a filling of potatoes, green chutney, and vegetables spiced with chaat masala, the Bombay sandwich holds the best of India’s classic flavors between two slices of bread.
This type of grilled sandwich is beloved on the streets of Mumbai, an Indian city that used to be called Bombay when it was under Portuguese and British colonial control.
The Portuguese brought over their love of cheese and potatoes, while the British introduced their own type of sandwich, leading to the creation of the Bombay sandwich.
This sandwich became a common street food due to the demand for fast and easy lunches in the 1960s. It first featured boiled potato, beetroot, tomato, and onion.
Green chutney and butter were spread on the bread to finish. Over time, the sandwich has transformed and expanded into hundreds of different incarnations.
Modern editions of the Bombay sandwich are usually grilled, and boast additions like cheese and sev (crunchy chickpea noodles). The sandwiches are also often vegetarian.