Grilled cheese sandwich with aged cheddar on rosemary crusty bread
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The Bold Condiment To Make Your Grilled Cheese Pop
Whether you’re a fan of a simple grilled cheese or one loaded with bacon, mushrooms, or braised short ribs, we can all agree that these sandwiches are a classic comfort food. However, if you find yourself in the mood for an elevated grilled cheese, but you don’t have a fully stocked fridge, try adding this pantry staple to your sandwich.
Odds are you have one, maybe even two or three, jars of mustard in your refrigerator at home. Whether you’ve got the standard yellow mustard, sweet honey mustard, or flavorful Dijon mustard, any variation is sure to add an unexpected pop of flavor and upgrade even the simplest of grilled cheese sandwiches.
However, to ensure your mustard pairing works, make sure to match the intensities of your cheese and mustard, include contrasting flavors, and select different textures. For example, Ina Garten pairs gruyere and cheddar cheese with Dijon mustard while Martha Stewart uses sharp cheddar cheese alongside a grainy mustard.