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The Boiling Water Hack That Makes Skinning Salmon A Breeze
When it comes to salmon, there’s debate as to whether or not the skin should be removed; some love the extra "fishy" taste and crispy texture it provides, but others say it overpowers the palette. If you prefer salmon without the skin, there's a simple method to slip it off the flesh before it hits your skillet, oven, or grill.
Salmon skin can be removed without fiddly knife skills by using just water and heat. Food Network chef and “The Kitchen” co-host Sunny Anderson demonstrates how to remove the skin using boiling water: first, lay the pieces of sliced salmon filets skin-up, preferably atop a mesh rack with a wide pot or pan underneath.
Next, bring an electric kettle of water to a boil and slowly pour the hot water over the salmon skins, which will soften and curl on the edges, making it easy to grab one end of the skin and pull it right off. This trick only takes a few minutes and you can also boil the water another way, so long as you're careful when pouring it.