Three brownies stacked on top of each other
The Boiling Method That Makes Way To Ultra-Creamy Brownies
Brownies are generally easy to make, but can end up disappointingly dry or gritty. If you want creamy, fudgy, velvety-smooth brownies, just add an easy extra step to the recipe.
Boil the butter and sugar in your recipe together before mixing up the batter. This extra step adds a few minutes to the process, but the textural upgrade is absolutely worth it.
Boiling allows the sugar to dissolve into the butter, so the final batter ends up as smooth as can be. There will be no inconsistent grains of sugar in your brownies.
Start by preheating your oven, then heat up the stove and add the sugar and butter to a pot. You can also mix in cocoa powder at this stage if your recipe calls for it.
Boil the mixture until the sugar is completely dissolved. Use a spoon to occasionally scoop up some of the mixture, and if you no longer see any grains of sugar, it's finished.
The boiling step should only take one or two minutes. In addition to a fudgy-rich texture, this simple trick will also give your brownies a beautiful shimmering crust once baked.