Chef Ina Garten wearing black and smiling
The Bobby Flay Autumn Cocktail That Ina Garten Can’t Stop Making
In her cookbook "Cook Like a Pro," Ina Garten wrote that she has been a fan of Bobby Flay's autumn sangria since trying it at his first restaurant in New York: Mesa Grill.
Garten wrote, "Bobby made this sangria for me with spicy red wine, lots of autumn fruit, and cinnamon syrup, and I've been making it ever since."
Flay's wine of choice is Cabernet Sauvignon. This dry wine generally carries notes of dark fruits like black cherry and blackberry, some earthy wood tones, and a little vanilla.
Flay adds apple cider to the mix, plus apple and pear brandy, pomegranate seeds, oranges, apples, pears, cinnamon syrup, and a cinnamon stick garnish.
Garten explained what makes this sangria unique, writing, "the sweet fruit makes the spiced wine taste better and the wine makes the fruit taste better."
Flay notes in his recipe that patience is key. The sangria needs to chill for anywhere from four to 48 hours to achieve the intense flavor Garten is so fond of.