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The Blue Cheese Myth You Should Stop Believing
According to a Tasting Table survey, the cheese that readers most like to see on a cheese board is cheddar or gruyere, while blue cheese brought in the least number of votes. Blue cheese has long been divisive due to its moldy appearance and funky taste and smell, but many people’s presumptuous dislike of this cheese isn't deserved.
People may assume that blue cheese is full of sharp, overwhelming flavors, but the idea that all blue cheese is the same is a myth. Tons of varieties of blue cheese are now produced in almost every cheese-making country in the world, offering consumers different textures and flavors, and there is likely a blue cheese for you out there.
If you enjoy fermented food and drinks like beer, kimchi, and sourdough, you can definitely get into blue cheese. Try a milder variety like Cambozola Black Label or young Cashel Blue with complimenting wine, beer, fruits, or honey to bring out their nuances, and you'll be surprised to find that not all blues are so potent and pungent after all.