Cans of beer in a backlit fridge
The Binder Clip Hack To Organize Bottles And Cans In Your Fridge
A binder clip can transform into a handy kitchen tool that will keep your bottles neatly stacked and organized, allowing you to maximize fridge space efficiently.
To keep bottles stacked neatly, open the binder clip and attach it to one of the wire shelves in the fridge. Place it vertically with the handles turned back and pointing down.
This way, the triangle's widest part will be flush with the wire shelf and the narrower edge will point up. Place the bottles between the binder clip and the side of the fridge.
The binder clip will act as a bookend, preventing the bottles from moving. You can stack several bottles behind one clip, depending on the size of the clip and your fridge space.
If the binder clip method won't work in your fridge, use other heavy items. Place them on the fridge shelf like bookends, and stack your bottles between them and the fridge wall.