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The Biggest Mistake You're Making With Pork Tenderloin
Pork tenderloin is one of the most popular cuts of pork around, since it's quick-cooking, delicious, low in fat, and high in protein and vitamins. However, all those health benefits will be wasted if you don't even enjoy eating your tenderloin, so make your dish the best it can be by avoiding this common mistake.
Tenderloin is a part of the pig that doesn't get much muscle movement, so it can be deliciously tender when cooked to the proper temp of 145 degrees F. However, before you start cooking, figure out whether your tenderloin still has its membrane (or "silver skin") attached; if it does, do not neglect to trim it off.
The membrane on pork tenderloin is tough and stubborn, and can cause the meat to shrink, buckle, and cook unevenly. The best way to remove the membrane is to slip a thin-bladed knife underneath and gently slice it away from the meat; make sure every bit of the silver skin is removed before proceeding.