A stack of fudge
The Biggest Mistake You’re Making With Homemade Fudge
While it might sound easy to make fudge by melting sugar, chocolate, and condensed milk together, people often make the mistake of simply not stirring it enough.
A typical fudge recipe might have you combine everything on the stove, stirring until smooth and creamy, and pour it right into a pan. However, that should be avoided.
When the mixture reaches about 236 to 238 degrees Fahrenheit, your fudge should not be touched until it cools down to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.
If it's stirred or disturbed during this time, it can result in large sugar crystals forming. Once the fudge cools, stir until the mixture turns into a dull, non-glossy concoction.
Continue to stir until everything is combined and then transfer the mixture to the pan. Using a candy thermometer can aid in telling you exactly when to stir.