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The Biggest Mistake You’re Making With Clingstone Peaches
Peaches are some of the most refreshing fruits available, but if you grab a clingstone peach — notorious for its soft flesh that clings to the pit — you might become disenchanted. However, now is a great time to grab some peaches and indulge in a late-summer treat, especially once you learn the trick for pitting a clingstone peach.
Clingstone peaches are great for an on-the-go summer snack but are pretty much useless for anything but biting into unless you know how to accurately pit them. When you go to cut a peach, your natural instinct might be to cut along the natural seam of the peach, but this would be a big mistake.
According to Holly Foodmaker on Instagram, the best way to pit a clingstone peach is to cut perpendicular to the seam of the peach. Once you’ve cut your peach in two, you should be able to separate your peach after minimal wiggling; for the side with the seed still in, cut it in half again, and then easily remove the pit from the flesh.