(AUSTRALIA OUT) Brussel Sprouts with pancetta and sausages (Photo by Fairfax Media via Getty Images via Getty Images)
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The Biggest Mistake You're Making When Roasting Brussels Sprouts
There are plenty of good ways to prepare Brussels sprouts, but one of the best options is to roast them in the oven. High heat and quick cooking is the key to the perfect roasted Brussels sprouts, but not preheating the baking tray is a mistake that's easy to make.
First, trim the sprouts properly and then cut them into halves to help them cook quicker and more evenly. Once you start preheating the oven, put your baking tray in, and once the tray and the inside of the oven are both sizzling hot, load the tray with your trimmed and halved sprouts.
This technique helps avoid mushy and unappetizing sprouts, and prevents the sprouts from releasing their characteristically foul (but avoidable) odor. Make sure to place the sprouts with their cut sides down so that they cook thoroughly, maximizing their flavor.