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The Biggest Mistake To Avoid For Your Gin And Tonic
While it was originally created in the 1800s to ward off malaria, the classic gin and tonic has become one of the most popular cocktails in the world. This drink calls for just two ingredients, but the simpler the recipe, the less margin there is for error, and there are many ways to mess up your gin and tonic.
The gin and tonic is a cocktail that requires a lot of attention to detail, from choosing which kind of gin to use to keeping the right ratio in mind to acing the garnishes. Beyond using high-quality ingredients and remembering that a gin and tonic is mostly made of tonic, you must pay attention to this one underrated ingredient: the ice.
The right temperature can make your gin and tonic sing, so a generous amount of ice is crucial. Ice made from purified or distilled water melts less quickly, keeping your drink cold and pleasant-tasting, but not diluted; if you put in the effort to use crystal-clear ice cubes, you don't have to be afraid to add plenty of them to your glass.